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Feed the Need

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According to the USDA, 40 million people struggle with hunger in the United States, including more than 12 million children.  We have a passion to help eliminate hunger in our nation and are raising funding to purchase quality long-term bulk food supplies to disperse to food pantries, shelters and disaster victims.  Our purpose is unique, in that we not only seek to feed the hungry in our own community, but also those communities in the greatest need across the US, as well as to maintain a long-term bulk food supply to efficiently meet the immediate needs of disaster victims at any time.

There is plenty of food available in our nation today, but the issue lies in locating, purchasing and transporting that food to those who need it.  Isaiah 58:12 can be an effective part of the solution to this problem.  We have located a large supply of quality nutritious bulk food at below market cost and have a plan to get it to those in the greatest need.  This food has undergone a specialized dry freeze process and been sealed into airtight food grade containers to provide maximum longevity.  All staple food products to be purchased are guaranteed consumable for over 20 years, allowing for ample time for transport to shelters and food banks and ample time for usage.  The long-term life of the food also allows us to maintain a storage cache that is ready for immediate distribution to victims of disasters.

We have identified geographic regions in the greatest need of food donations and have plans in place to transport staple foods and cooking/baking items to food pantries, shelters and relief organizations in these areas.  Upon receiving the necessary funding, we will purchase the food supplies and initiate our transport plans.  We have volunteers committed to putting in the man hours necessary to carry out all of the logistics of this project and ask for prayers and support for the funds required.  We look forward to aiding these regions and those across our nation in the greatest need.

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