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Waveland & Pass Christian Mississippi - July 2007

We had a successful mission trip down to Pass Christian, Mississippi. It was very hot and humid, but despite the temperatures, we were able to finish the living room, hallway, and bathroom in Bones and Kathy Simpson's home. Also, the countertops and electrical hook up in their daughter Samantha's home, and another bedroom, living room and kitchen for their son Bubba and his wife Carrie, who have a baby on the way. Bubba and Carrie had been living in that home with only their bedroom dry walled, because their FEMA trailer had been taken away before they could finish their house.
As of now, Bones and Kathy have painted their living room, hall and bathroom, and their living space has doubled. Samantha and her children have finally moved out of the FEMA trailer camp and are now living in their new home. Bubba and Carrie have a lot more work to do, but should have sanded and painted the bedroom, taped and mudded the living room, and hopefully in the next week or two, have half their house finished.
We want to thank the Pass Christian Bible Fellowship Church and James Mahler, for allowing us to stay in their church, also, James' son Sam, who spent a day working with us. Each morning, before we began work, I shared a short message and then we had a time of prayer in the sanctuary. We spent a lot of time in ministry to the Simpson's. They have been bearing up under financial pressures and the pressure of so many people trying to live in such a small place. The Simpson family blessed us with several evening meals and a bonfire cook out. Bones and I played guitar and sang top forty oldies, as well as entering into a time of praise and worship. Both the Simpson family and our mission group will reap spiritual fruit and blessing from what took place that week. I want to thank all of those who came on the trip, Allen Davis, and his three grandchildren, Caleb, Audrey, Ian and his friend Bonnie, as well as Debra Elisabeth Gwinn, Charlie and Tony Rider, and Micah Kissling.


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