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Crow Native American Reservation- June 2011

In June of 2011, the Crow Native American Reservation in Billings MT, was hit hard by severe flooding.  Roads and schools were closed and the Crow Tribal Chairman signed an executive order declaring a disaster, instating a curfew and urging only emergency travel.  Many people had to evacuate their homes and go to shelters as the flood waters rose.

By the time the waters subsided, many homes were uninhabitable due to water damage and mold.  Isaiah 58:12 assembled a team and headed out to Montana to help with clean up and rebuilding.

We worked on multiple homes, tearing out damaged drywall and flooring and replacing it with new materials.  We learned a great deal about the history of the Crow people and built some great relationships.  They were very thankful for the generosity of everyone who gave and came to help, as the tribe did not have enough funding or resources to do all the repairing and rebuilding that needed to be done.

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