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Feed the Need

Helping those in the greatest need is our mission.

Isaiah 58:12 exists to help those in the greatest need locally and across the globe, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, orientation or beliefs.  We consider all human beings to be equal, and deserving of love and care.  Through our Feed the Need project, we seek to feed the hungry and provide immediate food assistance to disaster victims.

Over 40 Million People in the US Alone,Struggle with Hunger

Over 12 Million of Them are Children

End Hunger.

According to the USDA there are over 40 million people in the United States struggling with hunger, including over 12 million children.  The Feeding America hunger map on the left uses 2017 data to map the regions of our nation experiencing the greatest food insecurity.

Isaiah 58:12 will be directing our efforts to these areas.  We are currently applying for grants and raising funds to impact these regions as well as others around the world.

What are We Doing to Help?


Isaiah 58:12 has delivered food and supplies to disaster victims across the Southeast United States in regions experiencing the greatest hunger, such as Mississippi and Texas.  We have also dispersed food throughout southwest Michigan and even sent provisions to Africa.  We look forward to reaching more of those in need in the future.   

Future Plans

Through our Feed the Need project, Isaiah 58:12 will deliver quality nutritious staple foods to organizations serving populations in the greatest need across our nation and the world, while also maintaining a cache of food for immediate dispersal to victims of disasters.  We are currently accepting donations and applying for grant funding to achieve our project goals.

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